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                  1. LOGO

                    首頁 - 人力資源 - employment ideality
                    人力資源 HUMAN RESOURCES
                    Talent concept:
                    people oriented
                    get the best out of people
                    talent before benefit
                    More opportunities
                    widely development spaces
                    principles of talent use:
                    Use the capable ones,replace the average ones,relief the incapable ones. One post maches one stuff.
                    no one can take the credit and treat themself as the “hero”,no one can rest on their laurels. Every stuff should have a new beginning at every day.
                    view of talent:
                    talent is the greatest wealth of the company. every stuff will face the promotion and eliminate occasionally.
                    use the flattening administrative framework,emphasize the mission guarantee and the teamwork.
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