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      In order to better enhance the terminal services, enhance brand promotion, enhance dealer confidence, enhance terminal sales, and partners work together for a better future, in the mutual benefit and achieve common development goals, to be a well home to elaborate Six policies for the franchisee, dealers to provide support.

      1, high decoration support and help

      To reflect the strength of EON HOME should join the customer support, but also to help new customers to join in the local market bigger and stronger, to the EON HOME headquarters for joining customers to provide high-level renovation support and help for each eligible Of the new franchisees to give regular decoration subsidies incentive support.

      2, the entire advertising investment support

      The dealer and franchise sales reached a certain amount, the headquarters will be full of high advertising support policies. Advertising before the company to apply for approval by the company after the adoption before advertising.

      3, 360 days a full range of activities to support

      EON HOME with all-round, multi-media advertising investment, coupled with a strong marketing support policies for the overall marketing strategy escort. EON HOME will appoint professionals to assist in site selection and give guidance, to provide a unified style of decoration design, business planning support and the entire advertising investment support.

      Activity category

      Material design

      Start the assembly

      Activity Training

      Personnel help

      Special style

      Delivery rebate

      Gift support

      Business activities

      Conventional activities


      4, the end of the high rebate policy
      According to different regions of the city level and annual sales of franchisees, joining the end of the year will receive the corresponding high rebate.
      (1) all the products shipped for the normal supply price;
      (2) promotional products at discounted prices included in sales, but not to give rebate;
      (3) The first samples are not included in sales.
      5, special shopping malls of public relations costs throughout the sponsorship
      Franchisee to be in accordance with the first code, the first field of standards, and will receive a special location to support public relations costs.
      (1) in the software floor with the bedding brand, the main shopping center entrance hall venue, the location of the front, the flow of large venues position;
      (2) the location of the shopping malls of Wanda, Easyhome, Red Star Macalline, Oyada, Yuexing, Cimen, the national and regional chain of large properties and the local top three mainstream properties.
      6, KA channel rent relief
      (1) all KA channel franchisee to enjoy the decoration subsidy standards in accordance with the unified standards of the primary market subsidies.
      (2) KA channels to join the store, the store signed a unified contract signed by the Group and Wanda, the store's ownership by the Foshan City to home ownership of all.
      (3) KA store in the enjoyment of the above special policy, the company can also enjoy the normal support of the relevant marketing policy.

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